Evening. I'm in the warehouse, among the many waiting mother bears.

Evening. I'm in the warehouse, among the many waiting mother bears. Corresponding with a client, helping a girl choose a baby. She showed one, the second, because all the cubs are so different. The girl liked the second eared. I gladly made the bear happy that he would go to distant Brazil, be friends with wild monkeys and drink delicious coffee.

Is it cold in Brazil?

- No, baby! It's warm and very beautiful. So put down the sweater, you won't need it there! Better take that colored shirt and pants over there.
“Does my mom really have a talking parrot?” - the bear asks in disbelief.
- There is truth! Therefore, be careful and do not teach him your hooligan counting rhymes, I heard you giggle at them!
The bear's ears turned pink with embarrassment. After a while, he continued his interrogation:
“Will the wild monkeys really be friends with me?”
- Well, of course! How can you not be friends with such a cute pie! - I squeeze his plump cheeks and kiss him on the nose.

Here I get a message from the same girl asking me to show me bears of a different color. I show. Chooses a girl. I'm so glad that the kids will go together, it's not boring on the road, it's easier to adapt to a new place. But then it turns out that only a girl was adopted ....
I collect her on the road, fold her dresses, give instructions in a new place. And I myself frantically sort through stupid phrases in my head, how to explain to a child, albeit a plush one, that his mother abandoned him ... That he will not go to Brazil, and he will not have friends in the form of wild monkeys. At this time, the boy impatiently shifts from foot to foot, but he is waiting! After all, he is a gentleman! And the gentlemen are inferior to the girls!

“All right, now it’s my turn!” I chose these pants! And more pajamas! - the bear bursts with impatience.
“Listen… baby, you’re not going anywhere yet. You will travel next time.
I see how the expression of the face changes. Childish naivety drives away disappointment. With tears in his eyes, the boy mutters under his breath:
"Mom gave up on me, didn't she?" She chose that girl, and I what? I'm ugly? Or too stupid?
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