TeddyTales-Hanging Tips

Hello, dear friends!
  I am Irina, the founder of TeddyTales Lina Bear.
  We sincerely hope that our little friend Lina can always accompany you, so we have created the Pro series with children who are approximately 15cm tall, making them the smallest in the Pro series.

  Typically, similar dolls would have corresponding parts installed in the toy's head for hanging, but we firmly decided not to do so for the Pro series.

  For us, each of our plush babies is not just lively and full of life;they are more like our own children.

  It is precisely for this reason that we also gave up the idea of placing a hanging loop on their ears, as it could harm the children's ears.

  In the end, we chose to place a "fixed position" on their clothing, which not only reflects our care for the teddy bears but also serves as a connection for them to explore the world together with you.


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